TWW Daily Feed for November 16th

Some of you might have seen the news clip about the Slovenian climber Tomaz Humar, one of the most respected big mountain climbers in the world who passed away either Friday or Saturday on Langtang Lirung in the Himalayas at an elevation of 5,600 meters (18,372 feet). His death has again sparked the typical “is it all worth it” debate that so often permeates the news after these types of events. A typical comment from a reader of the Outside clip announcing the death: “No mountain is worth leaving two children fatherless. Senseless.” I have never felt that deaths like Humar’s are senseless. He was someone living his life exactly how he wanted to live it; undertaking the challenges and experiences that made him who he was. The Himalaya is a dangerous place and he knew the risks, accounted for them and in the end decided it was worth it. In moments like this, a celebration of life and those who experience it in all of its glory and pain are what should be on our minds, not the judgmental analysis of someone who very few people could ever really understand.

Sorry to start the week on a somber note. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. It was cold and snowy in Colorado, making for some good early season turns and good football watching weather. The Feed:

Hunkering down in the house when it’s cold and baking scrumptious items is one of my favorite things to do (don’t judge me). My next experiment is the amazing Heidi’s Orange and Oat Scones. I bet they taste like Christmas.

I am a huge fan of fast and sporty cars and secretly covet one, even though they are essentially useless for reaching the mountains and other places I like to hike, run and ride. But whatever. My unicorn of sports cars is the Tesla Roadster, but this little Volvo looks like a sexy little number that I could be on board with. Although my desire to drive a Volvo was significantly dimmed when a vapid little vixen at a bar in Portland cornered me and for some reason insisted on telling me a story about how she flipped in a Volvo once and didn’t get a scratch on her. That’s because you were drunk sweetheart.

The geek in me found this story interesting. An elite group of women ski jumpers sued to have the event included in the Vancouver Olympics. I’m not sure what rights they believe are being violated, and the story doesn’t really address it, but kind of an interesting way of going about getting a sport included.

I have yet to embrace the cyclocross side of cycling, but this ride in Boulder sounds like a pretty good way to get into the spirit of things.

If you have the time check out this clip, from the Adventure Life guy. From what I can tell it’s an abandoned villa brought strangely back to life. Very cool.

More breweries are coming to Portland. An interesting trend considering the combined factors of recession and a general saturation of breweries in the Portland area. One of them is opening in the old Noble Rot space. Good luck though; can’t go wrong with good beer.

Spella Coffee is coming to downtown Portland! I’m stoked about this one. Spella reportedly produces some of the best coffee and espresso in the Portland area and his new store is in the virtually coffee-less downtown core area.

Alrightly, I’m out of here. Amante in Boulder is jammed and I’m feeling claustrophobic. Hope everyone is having a great start to the week.


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