TWW Daily Feed for November 13th

I don’t know why I’m so relieved that it’s Friday. I haven’t really done anything this week and my stress levels are at an all time low, but I woke up this morning and danced a little jig to celebrate the end of the work week. I’m stoked to hit the local bar scene tonight and hang out with some of the locals I consistently cut off. They typically fall into two categories: those that think I’m a dick and ignore me and those that are always really embarrassed that they got drunk enough for me to throw them out, so they end up buying me drinks. I really can’t go wrong. Bottoms up to Friday! The Feed:

I threw up a post yesterday about how Alberto Contador, 2009’s Tour de France victor, was close to a contract. Apparently that report was complete BS (also has a good little aside into how Alexandre Vinokourov is affecting everything).

A weather site geared specifically towards Colorado skiers, which basically means lots of pictures, minimal text and words like “stoked”, “powder hog” and “epic”.

US News and World Report’s Top 15 Cities for people who want bikeable/non-driving commutes. I don’t know what it is with these sites and ranking lists, it is getting a bit ridiculous.

The 10 small towns with huge backyards list. See. Told you it is getting ridiculous.

Bicyling Magazine’s top 15 performance products that you can find in your local bike shop (if it’s any good). Okay, I’m done. I apologize.

A wonderful little sonnet about the Portland Food Cart scene.

For the desk jockey’s: things you can do at work to prevent back pain and other maladies. But I swear to God if I catch any of you do the shoulder shrug exercise or sitting leg lift thingy I’m going to ban you from the site.

The MJ Perfect Weekend guide. I love Whistler. Does anyone know how a good job connection for me? Vancouver will suffice if you can’t hook up Whistler. Thanks.

A look at past, current and projected oil consumption, broken down by country. The good news: the United State’s oil consumption is projected to drop. The bad: Asian countries are going to jackhammer oil like Lindsay Lohan at an open bar. This is why environmental initiatives need to focus on developing countries. Like, stat.

Not really related, but did anyone catch the Chicago/San Francisco game last night? Dear Mr. Cutler; thanks for being a whiny brat and abandoning Denver. We truly appreciate you absconding with your awful record, inaccurate passing and inability to lead a team to a victory.

And speaking of San Francisco, our good friend Casey was sent this clip from a friend who is apparently into aerobics (we won’t judge you Jake). It is completely safe for work and if you can turn up the volume, the music is the best part. So sassy!

And last, but not least, our Friday photo gallery of awesomeness. This week stars Adriana Lima, gorgeous underwear model and surprisingly narrow minded Catholic (gallery features a women in various stages of undress, in provocative poses, but absolutely no nudity).

Happy Friday! See you all on Monday.


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