TWW Daily Feed for November 12th

Smokin’ Aces was on last night. It’s possible one of the weirdest, most violent movies I’ve seen in a while and features a surprisingly broad cast. Among others you’ve got Ray Liotta, Ryan Reynolds, Common, Alicia Keys (very hot), Jeremy Piven and Matt Fox. When it came out they marketed it at sort of an action comedy. This is not an action comedy. There are maybe two or three jokes and then about two hours of crazy violence (including a dude who dies by sitting on a chain saw). I don’t know if I would recommend it, but it might be a good one to rent if you have to hang out with an annoying girl that guilted you in to a date. The Feed:

Colorado’s Senators are attempting to get the San Juan Mountain Range designated as a Wilderness Area, which would eliminate mineral exploration and preserve more of the forest. A very good thing, but dudes what’s wrong with a National Forest designation? Those mountains are some of the most pristine in the State.

Contador’s whiny ass possible back at Astana. Or maybe not. I’m sick of the back and forth on this one. Time to sack up and move on dude.

This isn’t related to anything, but I thought it was funny. And oddly informative.

Anyone remember Jeremy Bloom? I watch the CU football team and lament the absence of that midget little speed demon.

It’s a surprisingly slow news day. But, it’s also Thursday, so enjoy and we’ll see you tomorrow for the Friday edition. Ciao!


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