TWW Daily Feed for November 11th

I came home last night and literally almost run smack into the giant ass of the fattest bear I’ve seen all season. He was HUGE, and if not for the fact that he was noisy I would have put myself within mauling distance. I need to pay more attention to my surroundings. The Feed:

My unicorn Heidi Swanson has a recipe up for the fall; Autumn Potato Salad. Sounds delicious and good for you, which is exactly how you sound to me H.

Portland Food and Drink has a new review up for Higgins, a Portland landmark and a place I have yet to eat. Ladies; I am available for a date at Higgins. Let me know.

Not really in the “healthy living” vein of things, but here is a quick video guide to making your own butter, from the Seattle Food Geek. Not a bad idea, until you make a butter so fantastic tasting that you are putting it on your bananas and Clif Bars. Then we have a problem people.

This website is really cool. It’s Shaun White’s guide to pulling some of his new tricks. I’m far too large and uncoordinated to even contemplate looking at Shaun White in action, but this website is cool and has some good music on it.

For those of you increasing in age, a look at what exercises most benefit skeletal healthy. Not on the list: swimming and cycling. Crap.

Hope you’re having a good hump day everyone!  And happy birthday to our friend Craig! You look even better at 27 buddy!


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