TWW Daily Feed for November 10th

We were at the Bronco’s game last night in Denver to witness a tough loss against a Pittsburgh team that apparently has nearly as many fans in Denver as the Bronco’s. The ratio of yellow to orange was ridiculously high. A rough game to watch, but one that provided some many moments of hilarity. My favorites: 1. us trash talking to the Steeler’s fans in front of us, who managed to not get offended when we a) insulted their education system b) called them coal miners and c) told them that they were bandwagon fans, but got pissed when Casey refereed to the terrible towel as the Shamwow towel; “dude, that’s not funny. Broncos fans are dicks.” 2. Our friend Pat screaming at a rather large Polumolu fan, well after the game was over, who was there with his family for some wholesome family fun: “Hey!! Polumolu! Shoehorn yourself back in to your seat you fat bastard!!” Pat was very angry all night. And finally 3. Pat, again very angry, trying to pick fights with Steelers fans as we descended 5 stories down to the exit; “Hey, give me your kid’s terrible towel! I need to wipe my ass!!” Truly a wholesome evening for all. The Feed:

I had forgotten about this handy little website that lists a huge number of cycling climbs in Colorado, their total ascents and average pitch, and relative ranking. I’m super excited to try to blow out a quad checking some of these out.

Outside’s list of the top 5 environmental (non-documentary) movies of all time. What does this translate to? About three movies that belong and then Outside scraping the bottom of the barrel for number 4 thru 5 (Waterworld? We get it. Kevin Kostner lives in a world where the ice caps have melted. Thanks for the subtle message). At least the Day after Tomorrow didn’t make it.

This is kind of cool: universities are turning to thermal power to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. I don’t really have anything too witty to say about this one, other than to say that I really enjoy the existence of schools where girls make it a point to look super hot everyday just to “fit in.” Ahh college.

I thought this little advice column about how to prevent altitude sickness was amusing (one of the medicines often prescribed is Viagra). Because often I wanted to ascend a mountain with a boner.

Lindsey Vonn‘s gym workout. This stuff looks incredibly difficult. Dear Lindsey; I am currently taken, but I’ll keep your number around in case something happens. You never know, I might give you a shot. Keep up those workouts. I like ’em fit.


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