TWW Daily Feed for November 9th

I somehow managed to pound out a semi-decent Incline time yesterday with the remnants of Boulder’s Shadow Canyon still in my legs. My favorite part, and perhaps most annoying aspect, of the Incline is that it draw so many different kinds of athletes. There are the hardcore runners, the weekend warrior people, the sorority chick types, the older warhorses and so on; people that are generally in a good mood and happy to be there. On the flip side, there are the tourists that are wandering around up there in jeans and slippers, couples who are fighting because one can’t keep up and Army guys that are incredulous that the hike is “so hard dude. How much farther?” These are the ones that annoy me. Dude; its a hard hike. Whining about it and fighting on it are good ways to get farted on. Sack up and enjoy the day. The Feed:

Remember Aron Ralston? Dude who cut off his hand when he was trapped by a climbing accident? The story is coming to a theater near you!.

Shaun White is one of my favorite athletes. He always seems like he is having a great time and is super excited to be doing what he does. Except, perhaps, when he dresses up for Halloween.

I’ve been a gym rat at times, which usually results in my tight shirts becoming tighter and even more mocking commentary from my “friends.” Lately I have been avoiding them, but I foresee a return one day which raises the question of “is there such thing as a ‘green’ gym?” for me to attend? Probably not.

Kind of a fun, interactive graphic of 2008 movie box office performance.

A good tool to keep up with the various Portland restaurant blogs. It’s kind of a customizable google reader type of feed. Worth checking out if you’re sick of working your way through everyone’s blog entry in the morning.

A list of 10 events that need their own landfills. The Girl is a huge fan of Phish and I’m convinced that their concerts and festivals should be on this list. “But they are stewards of the environment!” The Girl argues. I don’t think putting a small tent up trumpeting the non-profit they support counts. Especially when it is next to the diesel powered Ferris wheel. “They donate a dollar from every ticket to a water improvement project!” The last ticket she bought was $250 dollars. About 60,000 attended that show. $60,000 for the environment Phish? Please, do not be so generous! The amount of garbage at these shows is literally mind boggling. The hippies know how to fill a landfill. Phish; thank you for raping the environment. And my ears.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope the weekend was fantastic. Colorado’s weather is money right now. I’m heading out to play.


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