TWW Daily Feed for November 6th

I came up to Boulder last night to take care of some work stuff and to check out one of the myriad ski movies that get the ski groupies riled up every year. This one was at the Avery Brewery Tap House. The flick of the evening was called Powder Whores and solely featured tele-skiers. I’m not a tele-skier (is that even how you spell tele-skier?), so I suppose I wasn’t able to relate to the crazy lunge moves that they were pulling off, but the beer was good and the company even better. The movie did get me all riled up for the ski season, and for that I am grateful. The Feed:

I’m sure everyone saw the Ft. Hood event yesterday. Truly sad. Thankfully we have people like Kimberly Munley.

I’m new to but I like the layout and the subject (the food world), and so my interest was piqued when a friend sent me a link to the Chow 13: 13 people in the food world that Chow has rated as the top movers and shakers of the year. Really interesting people, doing really interesting things with food. Worth checking out.

Why does it take companies so long to realize that “environmentally friendly” can mean huge cost savings? Kudos to Sprint I suppose, but couldn’t this have been done a couple of years ago before the green movement became a trendy marketing tool? (Thanks to Twitter’s most random Tweeter, David de Rothschild for this one).

The Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend, featuring San Diego Beer Week and Copper Mountain’s Lift Off celebrations. Beer Week sounds amazing. Count me in.

Eater PDX has arrived in Portland. What is Eater? It’s a website/blog/news site that covers the food industry in various cities. Supposedly its coverage is pretty top notch, so check it out. Our very own PDX now joins NYC, Miami, San Francisco and L.A. as members of the Eater scene. Kind of crazy.

And as usual, your Friday photo gallery ‘o fun, just in time for the cold weather (Relatively SFW).


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