TWW Daily Feed for November 5th

Yesterday morning a friend and I started up the Incline under a full moon which slowly gave way to the sun rising as we ascended, eliminating the need for headlamps and making it one of the most strikingly gorgeous Incline strikes I’ve done. Starting the morning with the sunrise is by far one of the best moments of my day. The Feed:

The Girlfriend is a fashion savant, always talking about the latest trends, styles, colors and so on. As a result I have, much to my horror, managed to absorb a lot of this information and can now tell you what’s currently hot in both men’s (black jeans, skinny ties) and women’s (neon colors as an accent, dresses that can be wrapped to form different styles) fashion. What does this have to do with being outside in the West? Nothing. Until today when she sent me a link to the latest Arc’teryk Men’s Line, dubbed the Veilance Collection. Very cool. Very, very expensive.

A long-winded summary (just skip to the last two paragraphs) of a study that looks at whether the standing or sitting position on a bike is the more efficient. We constantly argue about this one on the road, so it’s good to know we can now cite studies about it while the rest of us chant “dorks!!!” in response.

Bicycling Magazine’s tips for riding at night. A bit simplistic as the concepts of head lamps, reflective clothing, and careful planning seem to be common sense. Click on the link for the cool picture, that’s about all it’s worth.

Check this out: Liftopia, a discount ski ticket website. I’m in love with it already. Come here you sexy little Liftopia you.

The Top 10 Fitness Trends of 2009. I have no idea how these were determined, and I fear something like this is the harbinger of the “end of the year lists” that always come around December. I like how “fighting obesity” is listed as a fitness trend. God save the health care system when the “fighting obesity” fad flares out.

Starting a European based cycling race in America is stupid and totally flys against the tradition of Europe’s oldest cycling races. Not to mention the huge environmental impact of flying entire teams back and forth across the Atlantic, all for a blatant attempt to capture additional American sponsorship money and exposure. Leave it in Italy boys.  I’m boycotting this idea. Angelo Zomegnan; you are an ass.

Almost Friday everyone. Hope your desk adventures are going well today. Ciao!


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