TWW Daily Feed for November 4th

The end of Daylight Savings is killing my afternoon motivation. I’m trying to take advantage of the early morning light and (hopefully) attendant lack of vicious, hungry mountain lions. My morning efforts so far have resulted in a lot of coffee, too much internet, and a workout that gets put off until the now dark late afternoon, where the wild things roam. I call it smart planning. The Feed:

Lance auctioned some of his older bikes to raise money for the Livestrong Foundation. These puppies look pretty cool, but no way I’m dropping $500,000 for a bike. It’s just unreasonable. And it’s used? Yuck.

A good synopsis of a recent study looking at whether exercise alone is enough to lose significant amounts of weight. Verdict: put down the Twinkie dude.

Because it’s cold and I’m thinking about how awesome it would be to sit on a warm beach somewhere: a surfing photo gallery, from the Adventure Life dude. I like this guy. And want his job.

The Girlfriend got a little frightened yesterday when I was on the phone with her whilst trying to navigate traffic (I know, I’m the douche on the cell phone while driving). I was catching up with her when my aggression level went from 1 to 20000000 while watching some moron in front of me try to parallel park from the far left lane of traffic. Really dude? You thought backing through 2 lanes of traffic to get your perfect parking spot was a good idea? Driving definitely brings forth my Hulk rage. Anyway; an economic look at why I am so angry behind the wheel.

A pretty cool, and random, graphic that has nothing to do with anything that we do but is cool nonetheless. David de Rothschild is the most random Twitterer on the planet.


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