TWW Daily Feed for November 3rd

I’m running way behind this morning and now our incredibly large lab is passed out on my legs so I’m trying to be nice and not move him but my ability to get coffee is severely hampered and I have to go the the bathroom and I’m hungry and I’m going to be late for work. AHHHHHH!!!! The Feed:

The Gear Junkie has a review up for the Vibram FiveFinger running shoe (the ones that look like feet gloves). I like this particular review because he seems to have tested them in a variety of situations beyond running. I’m still very curious. I’m currently on a campaign to convince my friends that they are socially acceptable. Efforts have thus far been in vain.

Cold weather is descending upon us, which usually means a retreat back to the indoor mode of working out. A guide to some indoor workouts from the Active Network.

Outside’s list of the best ski resorts in North America. The fact that they list Breckenridge and Vail is nowhere in sight makes this thing another great example of Outside’s inability to actually do any sort of decent research. Thanks for the mediocrity.

A review of Forbes Magazine’s ranking of what town in Colorado is the “prettiest.” Cynical attacks on ridiculous rankings (see above) are my new favorite way to start the day.

I’ve been following a story out of LA about a doctor who was slamming his brakes on in front of bicyclists in order to aggravate/scare/assault bikers riding in the doctor’s neighborhood. A synopsis of the case from Velo News.

Short, but sweet. Hope everyone is having a great start to the week. I’m heading out in search of my 46th pumpkin spiced latte this week. These extra pounds are doing wonders for my insulating abilities.


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