TWW Daily Feed for November 2nd

I’m recovering from another amazingly fun weekend in Boulder. Made more fun by the Halloween weekend which made the town overflow with scantily clad co-eds. Suffice to say, the scenery was amazing. Apart from the usual drinking and general debauchery, we managed to get in some great workouts, including a Boulder Resevoir strike and the always gorgeous Mt. Sanitas. Boulder makes me dance with glee every time I’m there. The Feed:

A good little blurb about why adding Yoga to your training schedule can benefit overall performance and recovery. From my limited experiences, Yoga classes are amazing places to meet attractive people. That’s enough for me.

As the Fall season progresses I start seeking out heartier meals to stave off the cold. My unicorn Hedi Swanson has a delicious Broccoli Cheddar Soup up for you to check out. Tell her I said hi.

A roundup of food and coffee news and rumors in Portland, from Portland Food and Drink. I’m most excited about Bunk Bar and the new Pine State Biscuits location. Love me some biscuits.

Some cool ideas for making a brewery more energy efficient and eco-conscious, using a brewery in Boise, Idaho as case study. I like listing how far each beer and bottle of wine traveled.

Floyd Landis’s take on why he won’t ride in the Tour de France again. I think “politics” is a pretty worthless umbrella term that doesn’t really tell you anything, but whatever he wants to tell himself…

Back to the work week. Enjoy!


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