TWW Daily Feed for October 30th

This weekend is Halloween and as usual I was somewhat apathetic about the whole thing until a phone call last night from my Facebook spouse Craig (sidenote: when you don’t talk to people from high school until they Facebook friend you, and they see you are Facebook-married to another man, the amount of congratulatory emails is really quite touching, and highly disturbing. You really expected this of me? Really? Dammit). Anyhow, Craig got me all riled up for some fun Halloween shennanigans and now I’m perusing the internet for a costume idea. God bless you Craigory. You’re the best Facebook spouse a guy could ask for. The Feed:

As usual, the Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend, featuring Philly, Moab and Loveland Ski Area in Colorado. These perfect weekend really need to focus on things like “where the best lady’s night deals are” and “fall bikini contests.” Moab is fun and all, but stupid excuses to get girls in less clothing is more fun. Although, Halloween is tomorrow…

Colorado’s recent snowfall has the residents all atwitter with excitement for the ski season. Some destinations and advice for getting in some backcountry turns before the season starts.

My favorite winter seasonal has finally made its way to Colorado. Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery produces some of my favorite beers, and their Jubelale is one of the best. Check it out, it’s delish.

It’s hard to articulate how the transition between sunny and warm weather to cold ass winter feels to us Coloradoites. Thankfully, Ted Mahon has a well written post that summarizes the transition well. I’m still not on board with the winter activities, but I’m slowly succumbing.

Kind of a bike shop “insider” buying guide for those seeking a new bike. I always get intimidated when I go shopping in a bike shop. Probably because the sales people look at the Shrekish figure in front of them and struggle to contain their laughter. Thanks guys. Where is the XXXL spandex?

A good little scary story to get you excited for the Halloween Weekend (it’s actually really, incredibly, creepy and weird).

And last, but certainly not least, your Friday reward: the lovely Jessica Burciaga (safe for moderately liberal work environments, the bedroom, or whatever weird little place you take your laptop to look at such things so your girlfriend won’t hate you).


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