TWW Daily Feed for October 29th

I’m up and ready for some early morning Incline action. In the snow. I’m rocking the thermal tights this morning, so hopefully my hiking partner doesn’t freak out when he realizes he has to stare at my ass for thirty minutes. It’s really the small things in life that keep me entertained. The Feed:

Alberto Contador’s contract is (possibly) up in the air with Astana for next year, due to Astana’s failure to file for a UCI Pro Tour license by the October 20th deadline. Here is a look at all of the issues surrounding Contador’s contract. An interesting read.

An interesting little study about the effects of short intense exercise vs. long and moderate pieces. Good news for lazy people.

A friend passed on a recommendation for Nong’s Khao Man Gai, a food cart in Portland which focuses on khao man gai; tender chicken slices served on a pile of rice. Sounds delicious.

This is a cool race. I wish I would have taken more engineering oriented classes in high school and college. These cars are crazy.

Snow sports + cycling = my new favorite way to stay in shape during the cold and dark months.

The opposing view to the Portland focus on improving cycling in the city. Some motorists in the city are becoming increasingly angry about the ever increasing cyclists. There has to be a middle ground. One that involves shipping the hipsters and their fixies somewhere else.


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