TWW Daily Feed for October 28th

It’s a slow motion morning already; the weather is cold and threatening slow, I had a late night bartending last night and instead of doing the smart thing and going to bed right when I got home I stayed up for a while watching Mad Men. Mad Men is possibly the strangest/best show on TV right now. I don’t know how to describe what makes it so good. It has layers of inter-office politics and drama, but is so well acted that you have to pay attention to all of the little nuances to understand whats going on. Check it out, it’s good. And the red headed chick is incredibly attractive. The Feed:

Ski season is almost here, so of course the magazines are starting there “ways to ski better”, “what to buy” and “where to ski” features. Here is a Men’s Journal blurb about exercises to help you ski stronger. Whatever that means.

Here is another NYT’s article about whether humans are meant to run marathons, with all of its attendant aches and pains and possible damage to the body. I’m pretty sure humans aren’t meant to jackhammer booze until we pass out, climb mountains that have no oxygen, free dive, surf, swim with dolphins or have sex with animals, yet we do all of these things, so why the Times is focusing on marathons and running so much lately is beyond me. Give me an article about bestiality.

Thanks for being different Wyoming. You enjoy that independent thinking and incredibly inefficient buildings.

Alright, that’s all I got for today. It’s a slow news week. Hope everyone is enjoying the midpoint of the week.


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