TWW Daily Feed for October 27

My addiction to pumpkin spiced lattes has reached a new low. The girl at Starbucks now recognizes me and makes it a point to mock me every time I order one. I don’t know if she is trying to be funny, or flirting, or whatever. All I know is that it’s embarrassing, yet, the siren call of the pumpkin spice continues to draw me back. For shame! And, the Feed:

There is snow all over the ground in Colorado right now, so I’m digging this gallery of fall pictures. Fall leaves + sunny weather = my favorite time of year. Damn the snow.

The gorgeous Heidi Swanson has a new recipe up for apple and carrot shortbread. They look like little nuggets of fall goodness. Just like her. <3.

Alaska’s state political officials are trying to fight the federal protection of polar bears, arguing that such protection hinders “resource development” (ie: drilling for oil). I’m for bears, against oil drilling, so figure something else out Alaska, the bears are more important. And way more aesthetically pleasing the oil dikes.

Some cool examples of how your cycling doesn’t have to suffer when you are on business trips. One of my favorite parts of riding is getting to see parts of a town or city that you wouldn’t see otherwise; combining the bike with business travel is a stroke of genius.

Yesterday, the Tesla Roadster. Today; urine powered cars. Awesome.



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