TWW Daily Feed for October 26th

I’m slowly recovering from an epic weekend in possibly the weirdest town in Colorado. Every time I think I have Manitou figured out it manages to throw something new at me. I’m hoping Casey puts together a little guest post about the Coffin Races and the general weirdness/awesomeness that is this town. Until then, the Feed:

The design firm Wonderwall has put together one of the craziest/coolest websites I’ve seen in a while. It almost makes me want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on post-modern furniture that is completely impractical.

I’m a fan of vitamin waters, especially when I’m feeling sick or want something more than water after a run. Men’s Journal has the results of a study that looked at whether various vitamin water label claims are accurate. Worth checking out to see if your favorite drink is really doing what it says it does.

A great article about Viggo Mortenson, one of my favorite actors and all around interesting dude. A modern day Renaissance man, with killer sword fighting skills.

2010’s Giro d’Italia route is up (map here). I’m getting all excited for the spandex parades next summer.

I’m not really sure how many of you are going to score a Tesla Roadster this year, but if you do, here is a little tax incentive for doing so. I want one, so get two and help a brother out.

This is pretty much one of the worst things I’ve ever seen: the 15 most toxic places to live on earth, in photo gallery form.

To build you back up after the above diversion into awfulness, a look at the top 10 green cities in America, as ranked by the Mother Nature Network. Portland ranks #1 (awesome). Not awesome: not a single Colorado city on the list. Get with it CO.

Back to the working world. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


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