TWW Daily Feed for October 23rd

Last night I went to dinner with my dad at a local Mexican place. Walking to dinner I had a vague notion in the back of my mind that there was a reason I generally stay away from Mexican food. This morning has clarified that notion immensely. Damn the Mexican food. Welcome to Friday everyone! Hope everyone made it through the week without getting too mauled by the working grind. The Feed:

The NYTs has an article up about the “raging” debate between “fast” marathoners and the slow ass people that take 7 hours to finish. I agree with the slow perspective to a point; if the whole idea of a marathon is to challenge yourself and motivate you to get off the couch, then who cares how long it takes you. Good for you guys. But for the fast side; keeping roads blocked, courses stocked and staffed and security and medical personnel around is expensive, and possibly undercuts the ability of some of these events to be profitable and continue their existence.

Outside has a fun little guide to bike commuting up that is worth checking out, if only for the Bike Snob NYC‘s take on bike commuters. With nuggets of wisdom like “smug is worse than smog” the Bike Snob knows how to keep the bike commuter elitism in check.

Lance, Levi and George are in for the 2010 Tour of California (map of the course here). I guess there was some apprehension that Lance would do the Giro this year instead of California. Here is an awesome Tweet by Tweet account of the announcement. Just read it, it’s funny.

A cool iPhone app from the manufacturers of the Windspire, a residential based wind turbine that can produce 2000 kilowatt hours per year. The app lets you test to see if your home gets enough wind for the turbine. More on the marketing/self promotion side than a serious gauge, but worth checking out if you’re considering getting off the grid before the Terminators find you.

The usual Friday edition of the Men’s Journal’s perfect weekend. This week features Colorado’s A-Basin where you can now ski, as Casey calls it, the “White Ribbon of Death.”

The Gear Junkie’s review of the new Red Bull Energy Shot, which is essentially a concentrated, non-carbonated form of the original Red Bull. Each can has about the same amount of caffeine as a shot of espresso. Locals around Manitou utilize Red Bull combined with Jaeger to fuel their days and evenings. Nothing says “healthy mountain living” like jackhammering a stimulant and depressant over and over again.

Speaking of Manitou; this weekend is the 15th Annual Emma Crawford Coffin Races. I don’t know how to explain it for those who haven’t seen it. I’m going to try and convince my good buddy Casey to do a guest post about it if he makes it down.

And as always, a little photo gallery to motivate you to exercise through the weekend (RSFW). RSFW = relatively safe for work, in case you weren’t picking up on my hip e-abbrevations. LOL!!

Happy Friday!


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