TWW Daily Feed for October 22nd

Trying to motivate to get outside and exercise is so much harder when it’s cold outside. Mother Nature really knows how to shrivel both my workout plans and my testicles. Time to slam some coffee and get out there, but not before the Feed:

I generally hate the articles from the NYT’s Frugal Traveler. They are boring and not well written. However, every now and again he posts some good stuff, which is usually only good because it features someone else doing stuff besides him. Case in point: photography tips and a gallery from Robert Caplin. Cool stuff. His website is here.

A great video of this year’s 24 Hours of Moab, from Bagpipes rock.

Running in the Midwest generally sucks. I’m sorry heartland peeps, but the Midwest is flat, boring and has a lot of crappy roads. It also has giant ass trains in the middle of marathon courses. Nice work.

An interesting perspective on how “greening” a business can improve profit margins. I have no idea why this guy Googled “brothels + discount rates + Berlin”, but whatever. More power to you man.

Ultra-marathons sound awful. Burning off body parts to be a better ultra-marathoner sounds worse. I’m going to vomit up my breakfast now.


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