TWW Daily Feed for October 21st

A bit of advice for the dude I kicked out of the bar three times last night:

The number one rule when you get cut off at the bar: leave the bar. You might not think you’re drunk, you might not think it’s fair, you might be incredibly embarrassed but you’re not going to do yourself any favors by staying and you certainly aren’t going to reason your way to another beer. Trying to convince the bartender you’re not drunk and you need “just one more drink man” sounds and looks desperate, and reinforces the bartender’s belief that you have a problem. Continually asking “why are you making me leave?” is just going to lead to the inevitable “you are annoying the fuck out of me.” Which, depending on your emotional state, will either lead to tears, sulking or anger. Regardless, you’re not getting another drink, and now the bartender knows you are a pain in the ass when you get some booze in you. Welcome to bar purgatory. Now get the fuck out.

Sorry about that. I’m pysching myself up for what is going to be a busy bar weekend in Manitou. On to brighter things. The Feed:

Coffee with a famous ecologist to benefit a good cause. I like David DeRothchilds because his Twitter feed is the most random one I subscribe too, and he heads up a great group and cause. And those flowing locks. Rowr!!

Men’s Journal is outing Portland as a great food city. You guys are really on top of it. Congratulations for an excellent cultural barometer.

Bicyling Magazine has an interview with Christian Vande Velde, the Tour’s “nice” guy who Lance derisively cited as one of the reasons why Lance-less tours are boring (he did apologize). Fair point; the flash that Lance brings makes watching cycling more fun, but Vande Velde is fast and he rode selflessly for Wiggins last year, so props to him.

Nat Geo’s ranking of the Top 25 Adventures. Whoever rights this article; I want your job. I may be willing to sacrifice personal dignity to get it. Please write.

Another article (this time from NYT’s Well Blog) about whether running barefoot is more beneficial. Every runner I talk to tells me that your form has to be so perfect to be able to pull of the barefoot thing that it’s almost not worth the effort. I just keep imagining stepping on a shard of glass. No thanks.

Running late as usual. Hope everyone is enjoying the middle of the week.


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