TWW Daily Feed for October 20th

Yesterday morning I got up early to do a pre-work run, which essentially translated to a pre-dawn run (damn the Fall). My chosen route was the Siamese Twin/Balanced Rock Loop in the Garden of the Gods. I got about three miles into the run, in the dark, before my brain started coming up with images of mountain lion attacks, starring me. My run quickly disintegrated into a sprint for the nearest exit to the park. Point being; I need a running partner. Someone slightly slower. And smaller. Someone that won’t mind being the weaker one when the mountain lion begins his assault. The Feed:

I’m a huge fan of spandex but I have yet to get on board with this whole “compression clothing” thing (super spandex). I’m not really a fan of wearing clothes that force your body to do things it doesn’t naturally do (this doesn’t apply to you ladies; bras do wonderful things). Anyway, a little Q&A about what compression clothing may be able to do for you.

Ewan McGregor’s tips for those of us with wanderlust. A lot of his advice is probably a lot easier on a famous actor’s salary, but good nuggets of wisdom nonetheless. Almost Obi Wan like.

An oddly bitter look at this years Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, MA. I love this race and I’m bummed I missed it again this year. It’s a great place to pick up the latest trends in spandex chic.

A little wall art for your viewing pleasure. I really like #23. I’m a little bit unnerved by #49 (nothing says “freedom” and peace like people with guns).

This is a crazy article summing up researching looking at the bone densities of elite cyclists. Scary stuff. Drink lots of milk people.

Pandora is a great website (it’s on right now as a type this). If you’ve been curious about how it came about and how they try and custom tailor songs to you, check out this article from the NYTs Magazine. Interesting read.

Hope everyone is having a good week. And can I just say GO BRONCOS!! 6 and 0 baby! WOOOOOOOO!!! Toodles.



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2 responses to “TWW Daily Feed for October 20th

  1. spongebob

    doesn’t every article of clothing that you own ultimately become “compression clothing” simply by virtue of the fact that it’s at least two sizes too small?

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