TWW Daily Feed for October 19th

The Front Range of Colorado is gorgeous right now. I took advantage of it by heading up the Incline for a morning workout before football started. As usual, the nice day brought hordes of people to the mountain, including possibly one of the more annoying couples I’ve come across. The Incline is not the place to argue with a significant other. It’s long, it’s hard, there are few places to cut off, and people are going by you constantly. Oblivious to all of this was the annoying couple. Stopped about half way up, they stood on the side arguing. The guy wanted to go faster. The girl didn’t want to go at all. The guy reacted by pointing toward the top angrily. The girl responded by pouting. All with an audience of people trying to pass by them without falling. But the most annoying part? They finished the Incline together, holding hands, in a show of relationship solidarity. Stab me in the eye. The Feed:

Good news for Lance and his new cycling minions, Team Radioshack has been awarded a Pro Tour License, allowing the team to compete in 2010’s Tour de France. I’m truly baffled by how RadioShack remains in business, let alone sponsors a cycling team in a very expensive sport. Anyone?

Just in time for the cold weather, a new recipe from my unicorn Heidi Swanson. Her red lentil soup looks pretty easy to put together. You know what else is easy to put together? A romantic getaway to Hawaii. Starring Ms. Swanson and moi.

Thinking about moving? Check this out for a ratio of job postings to unemployed peeps, broken down by city.

October is the time for pumpkin themed drinks. I’m currently addicted to the spiced pumpkin latte from Starbucks (don’t judge me). For the beer lovers, check out Bristol’s Venetucci Pumpkin Ale. Sales benefit the Venetucci Farm, a local farm that does a lot of community work. Great cause. Great beer. Get some at Swirl, the Brewery, and various liquor stores in the Springs area.

And to help you get through your Monday, a little photo gallery that evokes both bed time and somewhat problematic physiological responses (safe for work, not for jealous girlfriends).


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