TWW Daily Feed for October 16th

I’m now have a full blown addiction to spiced pumpkin lattes. I love this month. I don’t even care that I’m probably drinking more calories than I eat during the day. This extra 10lbs is going to be worth it when the cold weather really starts. Happy Friday everyone. Hope the week was not too hellacious. The Friday Feed:

A not so positive review of Nel Centro, located in downtown Portland. The description of the patio is enough to get me to go there. I’ll probably limit my spending to drinks, as the food and service is apparently no bueno. I don’t understand how a higher end restaurant with hit or miss food and service can expect to succeed in a town with so many exceptional places to eat. Although, crap service is pretty commonplace in Ptown, so I suppose there is only the whole food thing to take care of (Nel Centro homepage).

Some of Portland’s best burgers. I am totally on board with Slo Bar’s seasonal burger. It is amazing. I once took a girl to the Slo Bar for this burger and she got pissed at me for some reason or another and wouldn’t talk to me for the rest of the night. I didn’t even care. It’s that good; “Slo Bar, where relationships come to die. And burgers make everything better.”

I’m adding Spur to my “need to check out” list. Here is a little happy hour feature to prepare your for the weekend.

The perfect weekend guide from Men’s Journal. The San Francisco festival sounds cool, as does checking out the foliage in Virginia. I suppose the beerfest would be cool. If it wasn’t located in Kansas.

I’ve been obsessed with Where the Wild Things Are (the movie) for a couple of months now. The generally very positive NY Times review is up.

Happy Friday boys! (and Mad Men geeks)


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