TWW Daily Feed for October 15th

The worst part about vacation is the day after. Your sleep clock is all screwed up, you are too lazy to unpack so your stuff is in piles all over the place and the pets act like they haven’t seen you in months and insist on sleeping next to you all night. Going to work in wrinkled clothes covered in dog hair with a tan and a look of loathing on your face is not the way to make a good impression at the job. The Feed:

A little Q and A about what sort of over the counter substances that might contain steroids and ruin your Tour season. Really, why would you want to put anything into your body that “blocks estrogen”? I love these emotions. And the cooking channel.

An interesting piece about whether cooling down after a workout is really worth it. The general consensus of the article is that for the average person, the cool down is not a necessary thing. For strapping young men such as myself, however, the cool down is a necessary component of maintaining the temple. So is eating right after a workout. Feed the Warrior!

A numerical breakdown of the 2010 Tour route. The three summit finishes is the only number I’m interested in. And 0. As in the amount of cheese curds I will be consuming while watching the Tour next summer. Amen.

And to get you stoked for ski season; a cool graph demonstrating the various ski resort rankings, as done by Ski Magazine.

Almost the weekend people! I have to scoot, but hope everyone is having a lovely day.


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