TWW Daily Feed for October 14th

I’m back in Manitou after trapzing around the mountains since Friday. It was a great long weekend, full of food, fun, drinking, more food, great friends and incredibly hot waitresses. Generally I appreciate a place more when the waitstaff is attractive, but last night I noticed how easily a hot waitress can separate men from their money. Check out Japango on Boulder’s Pearl Street to see what I’m talking about. Wow. The Feed:

Outside has a new “Best Adventures” feature up: Southwest Adventures which includes a couple of Colorado spots. The Great Sand Dunes and the San Juan Mountains are truly some of Colorado’s most beautiful assets. Also one of Colorado’s most beautiful assets: the Japango waitstaff. Wow. (Okay, I’m done).

The organizers of the Tour de France have released the 2010 tour route (map here, rider reactions here). It’s going to be a climbing heavy route, favoring riders like Alberto Contador and the Schleck brothers. Last year I watched the Tour from Wisconsin. This year I hope to watch the Tour from somewhere that does not incorporate fried cheese into every meal of the day.

Speaking of Wisconsin, this is dumb. I feel like iPod’s are a necessity when pounding out that many miles.

Read this, add Drew Carey to your Twitter feed, sleep well tonight.

Check out this story about how cycling may reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Of course it’s not only cycling that has this effect, most exercise will do. But I’m a fan of spandex so we’re going with the cycling anecdote.

A little something for the fellas to get over the mid-week hump.

Happy Wednesday everybody. Off to nap before heading out for a run. Toodles!


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