TWW Daily Feed for October 13th: The Food Cart Version

(Just noticed that I never posted this yesterday. My bad…)

Another beautiful morning in Vail is signaling the end to our little mini-vacation. We’ve managed to eat our way through a lot of the Vail Valley; always a good sign of time well spent. In honor of food, and our friend Ethan’s insistence that we do a little research on the “micro-blogging food cart movement,” I’ve put together a food cart version of the Daily Feed. Because when it comes down to it, Food Carts are the best ways to experience the food in a city, without blowing out the wallet. The Feed:

First, the “micro-blogging food cart movement” refers to the use of sites like Twitter and Facebook to notify fans of the cart where the cart is going to be located on that particular day. Essentially its a low cost, easy way to market the restaurant, while building a bit of mystique around the cart.

Curious? Good. Here is a list of street food vendors that use Twitter to let you know where their cart is, new menu items, specials and so on. The list is sorted by geographic region, and a great reference for exploring a new city’s food scene.

For the Portlander’s, here is a list of Portland restaurants that use Twitter. The site itself automatically refreshes, so its a good place to go to see the most current Twitter postings. I love this site already.

And because we like to spread the love, here is a list of Seattle’s 10 Best Restaurants, according to the Seattle Metropolitan.

Okay, done with the food, on to the things that we use food to fuel:

The Rogue River has been released, allowing it to flow in all of its glory. Good news for water sports enthusiast, fishermen and environmentalists. Bad news for slow moving fish that don’t like rapids.

Not good news for last year’s Tour de France teams. Although I suppose syringes and “mysterious medical material” could have been used for some sort of new cold treatment. Or maybe someone had herpes.

This guy is attempting to ski all of the Cascade Range’s volcanoes, in a year, without succumbing to lava baths. Cool.


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  1. Seneca

    this is helpful, thanks!

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