TWW Daily Feed for October 12th

I’m in Vail right now for a little mini-vacation so I’m running behind, trying to balance the gorgeous weather with the need to get some work done. Checked out a great breakfast place this morning; the Creperie, in Vail Village. Highly recommend. Trying to track hiking shoes down for the Girl today, but before that, the Feed:

I always feel super guilty about flying because it uses so much fuel, and therefore produces so much CO2, so this is good news: the world airlines are committing to cutting their emissions by 50%. The environmental movement should really be about alleviating my guilt. Kudos.

Another good reason to stay motivated to stay in shape during the colder, non-bikini viewing months.

Outside has a good list of environmental activist vacations that are geared around doing thinks like conservation surveys, community development and so on.

I use the iPod Shuffle when I work out, but for those of you who insist on carrying around a brick of an entertainment device, this might be helpful: a review of iPod holders for exercise.

Short but sweet. Happy Monday everyone. Catch you tomorrow. Off to the mountains!


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