TWW Daily Feed for October 9th

The snow has officially arrived on the Front Range, and I’m currently decked out in my thermal tights and Icebreaker gear. Running in tights is an interesting thing. As a twenty seven year old male I’m unsure of whether rocking the tights is socially acceptable. I see older guys running in them all of the time, so at some point they become a common workout accessory. With my age group? not so much. My friends pretty much refuse to be seen with me when I slap those puppies on and the women my age look away when they see me running towards them. However, I am quite popular with the older woman and gay men crowd. Awesome. The Feed:

Denver’s independent newspaper, Westword, has a great riff on all of the rankings that magazines and blogs (yes, I know, us too) throw around. Check out Joe Tone’s Denver: The manliest, drunkest, business-iest, happiest, safe-sex-having-ist city in America.

This weekend is the 15th Annual 24 Hours of Moab. Our friend Max Taam is racing, so everyone wish him good, and cross your fingers that he doesn’t get hungry out there and cannibalize one of his teammates.

This is why we love companies like Sierra Nevada Brewing; great product, great business practices, and great environmental stewardship. Once again, fuck you Mich Ultra.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a link to Marc Peruzzi’s personal account of his experiences with FRS and it’s main component, quercetin. Here is another piece from the NYTs that reviews additional studies on this new “wonder supplement.” I’m going to stick to snorting coffee.

New York had the great idea to require certain restaurants to post caloric information for menu items with the hope that such information would dissuade people from making poor eating choices. Good idea huh? Not so much.

I don’t know how I missed this, but it’s my new favorite (old) commercial. Feed the Warrior!!:

Hello weekend! Hope it is glorious for you.


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