TWW Daily Feed for October 8th

This is going to be a shorter Daily Feed this morning due to some time constraints: I boldly made a plan to workout with a friend this morning at 5am, which sounded like a good idea when I had two glasses of wine in me. Now I’m scrambling around trying to get in way more work than I have time for. I’m dumb. The Feed:

Just in time for the beginning of the colder months, Laurence Gonzales’s guide to building a fire, without using the more traditional American method of kerosene and a touch of flame.

I’ve been trying to follow international soccer a bit more for the upcoming 2010 World Cup. The one observation I’ve made so far: soccer players have the hottest girlfriends.

Kind of interesting, but mostly kind of stressful: an economic map of the US, by county.

A warning for the fellas that don’t like to get outside with their ladies. I’m not saying that going everywhere together is necessary to build a happy union, but who would give up a chance to go to Africa?

Gear Junkie’s review of the new Timex Watch with Tapscreen. This is a great idea; the watch uses a iPod like touch screen to activate a new lap. I’ve never realized how annoying it is to press a button until I thought about how cool just touching the watch face would be. Nice work Timex.

Alright, off to meet up with Matt. Thursday is here! This is the first night of week when the bar scene starts to pick up in preparation for the weekend. Almost there. So close. One. More. Day.


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