TWW Daily Feed for October 7th

It’s one of those mornings where I wish I had a massage therapist on stage. Back is stiff, legs are sore. When I was in college I used to be able to get in two intense work outs a day, stay out at the bars until closing, go home with a girl, and still get up for 5:30 am practice without much of a problem. Now, I have to ease out of bed, listening to things in my body crack and hoping that the pain in my (knee/ankle/hip) is temporary. On top of that, if I don’t get to bed until after 10 I turn into a cranky bastard. Getting older is awesome. The Feed:

A guide to sports wives, for those of us with multi-million dollar contracts and endorsement deals. Finally, a column to help guide me through the hundreds of women throwing themselves at me. The MILF Starkweather? Two please.

Bicycling Mag’s guide to 2010 bikes that are under $1,000; for the budget conscious, beginners, underemployed, the majority of Americans, Hootie (from the Blowfish. Seriously, what does that guy do now?) and me.

Some changes to the Portland restaurant scene, as more Northern European flavored restaurants are starting to pop up in the city: Gruner and Spints Alehouse. Check them out. Let me know how they are.

I posted about the “Race Across the Sky” documentary a couple of weeks ago. It documents the Leadville 100 mountain bike race and features Dave Wiens, Lance Armstrong and a number of other riders that compete in one of the most difficult one day races in the country. The movie premiers October 22. I’ll post more when I find out the details.

The Roving Runner column in the NYTs is possibly the most annoying thing I read, but finally (FINALLY) he has an interesting column up: a barefoot run with Christopher McDougall, the author of “Born to Run” which advocates a shift to barefoot running. Thanks Roving Runner for finally managing to produce a piece that doesn’t want to make me slam a pencil into my eye.

Lance Armstrong has signed on to rep Michelob ULTRA for the next three years, with the idea that he connects well with “adult beer drinkers who lead active lifestyles.” I hate these type of beers. Why drink a tasteless beer that just happens to be lighter in carbs and calories? The calories don’t matter that much; if they did, you wouldn’t be drinking. But whatever, I hope they pay him a ton of money and run themselves into the ground. Fuck you Mich ULTRA, you crap example of brewing.

I apologize. I am apparently feeling slightly hostile this morning. Deep breath. Happy Hump Day. Two more until the weekend. Hope everyone is having a good week. And remember; when making healthy choices and engaging in an active lifestyle, make sure to choose a beer that is so bland and tasteless that it exists mostly as deliver vehicle for alcohol.


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