TWW Daily Feed for October 6th: The Beer Edition

One of the best parts of the fall season is the onslaught of seasonal beers, and one of the best part of seasonal beers is that there are so many I don’t feel like an alcoholic when I insist on drinking as many of them as I can. Yes, I know the logic doesn’t work, but it makes sense to my brain and that’s all that matters. There are so many good beers to check out that its hard to recommend any one or two, but all of this thinking about drinking (ha!) has resulted in a beer themed Daily Feed, to help you expand your drinking horizons. Because what’s the point of running, riding and recreating if you can’t enjoy a beer for all of your efforts? The Feed:

Men’s Journal’s list of their top five beer towns. I’m calling bullshit on this one. They don’t tell you how they picked the towns (other than to say things like “NYC has 20,000 bars and restaurants.” ), and they don’t list any city in Colorado, which has been one of the epicenters of the microbrew scene for years. So here is our list, appropriately Western themed:

1. Portland, OR (us and Men’s Journal agree on this one): Portland, and Oregon in general, simply has a huge variety of breweries and the right bar and restaurant scene to make sure that craft beers are a central part of the drink menu instead of a fashionable add on. Check out: Deschutes (the Jubelale is my favorite fall seasonal), Rogue and Widmer Brothers. A comprehensive list of Portland’s breweries can be found here.

2. Ft. Collins, CO: my fellow University of Colorado alums may balk at this one, but Ft. Collins tops any other city in Colorado when it comes to beer. Home of New Belgium Brewery and close to the Boulder Beer Brewing Company, Left Hand Brewing and Denver’s epic Great American Beer Festival, Ft. Collins is an epicenter of all things beer related. Check out: New Belgium’s Hoptober and Boulder Beer’s Hazed and Infused. A list of Colorado breweries for your drinking pleasure.

3. San Diego, CA: alright, I did some research and San Diego is definitely a great beer town. 33 breweries produce craft beer within city limits, and this year San Diego is hosting its first Beer Week. So why is SD not at the top? Unlike Portland, or Colorado in general, San Diego lacks the large scale beer festival scene, but I’m sure that will eventually be remedied. Check out: Stone Brewing (and their Arrogant Bastard Ale), and the Coronado Brewing Company. A list of SD’s breweries can be found here.

4. Milwaukee, WI: Wisconsin should be declared America’s beer capital. This place consumes more beer than any other place I’ve ever been to. People here organize sporting events solely to consume beer (I have never seen so many bars with beach volleyball courts in my life. Why volleyball? I have no clue). It’s all very scary, but makes for a lot of good drinking. Fortunately, Wisconsin has a lot of good microbrews, and Milwaukee is the place to sample their creations. Check out: The New Glarus Brewery (Spotted Cow is Wisconsin’s Fat Tire, bet better), Leinenkugel, and Milwaukee’s own Lakefront Brewery.

5. Seattle, WA: let’s face it, the rain in the Northwest sucks. Fortunately, nothing cures cold wet weather like a good beer in a warm place. Like Portland, Seattle’s beer scene stands out because it’s integrated so well with the great restaurant scene there, but unlike Portland the more international flavor of Seattle brings in a lot more variety, making this city one of our favorite beer cities. Check out: The Elysian Brewing Company on Capitol Hill  A list of Seattle breweries can be found here.

A pretty comprehensive list of Colorado based beer festivals and events, from Fermentedly Challenged.

And just in case you were wondering how many miles it’s going to take to work off your microbrew binging, take a peek at this chart for a guide to the alcohol and caloric content of some of your favorite beers. Which beer has the most calories? This one.

I’m going to pimp out my hometown beer festival, Manitou’s Craft Lager Festival, held every August. Check it out next year, it’s for a good cause and the beer is amazing. If you’re lucky you’ll spot a horde or two of Manitou’s hippies.

And now I crave a beer, at 5:45 in the morning. Helloooooo AA!! Hope everyone survived Monday okay. Happy Drinking!



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2 responses to “TWW Daily Feed for October 6th: The Beer Edition

  1. I agree with your pick of Fort Collins. That city has a lot of breweries. New Belgium, Odell Brewing, Fort Collins Brewery, CB & Potts, but not to mention the big Anheuser-Busch plant there too. Plus they are getting a new brewery next year – Horsetooth Brewing Company. It’s quite the beer town.

    Boulder Colorado is also another big beer town: Avery Brewing, Boulder Brewing, Upslope Brewing, Mountain Sun and nearby Oskar Blues and Left Hand in Longmont.

    • jm

      I totally agree with Boulder, but I felt like in a matchup between the two Ft. Collins would take it. C. Springs is also coming around as a beer town. Bristol and Trinity are both great breweries.

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