TWW Daily Feed for October 5th

After I post this edition of the Daily Feed I’m going to hit the Incline for a early morning session. The mornings are pretty much dark here until 6:45ish, so my little exercise outing will involve a headlamp and a strong desire not to be mauled by a mountain lion out for breakfast. The Incline has become so incredibly popular in the last 10 years that it’s rare to be on it alone, hence I try to hit it early to enjoy the solitude. Also, I tend to spit and drool all over myself when I’m doing it, and I sweat so much that I’m pretty sure you can follow my exact route up, so the early mornings mean less people looking at me with a nauseated look on their faces. Better for the ego. The Feed:

In case you weren’t aware, Rio de Janeiro was awarded the 2016 Olympic Games. NG Adventure has a little primer article about Brazil in case you’re planning on hitting it up for the Games. I was in Chicago the weekend that the IOC delegation was there. The weather was horrible and people looked miserable. I’m not saying there’s a correlation, but where would you rather go: Brazil, home of some of the world’s most attractive people, or Chicago, home of Mike Ditka. Just saying.

Vancouver, BC is an awesome city that you should visit as soon as possible. When you do, check out this article from the NYT about Vancouver hotels that are decently priced but have a lot of character and good location.

A funny, and surprisingly informative and helpful, guide from the NYT’s fashion writer Eric Wilson about hiking the Wonderland Trail around Washington’s Mt. Rainier.

Manitou Springs is devoid of a decent cup of coffee, so I’m simultaneously intrigued and angered by the fact that Portland has carts that provide great coffee. Damn it! Boy Gorilla Coffee, SW Mill Street between 6th and Broadway. Check it out. Let me know how it is.

Livestrong Day was last Friday so Lance is all over the news with the cancer message. Found this good article that he wrote for the Austin Statesman newspaper about the economic impact of cancer. Definitely worth the read.

Ken Burn’s documentary series about the National Parks continues this week. NG Adventure has the “insiders” guide to Grand Teton and the Great Smoky Mountains up.

Single? No good men (or women) around? Want to know where they all are? Check this out. A little outdated, but the amount of griping I hear from my women friends in Chicago about the lack of good men suddenly makes sense.

A pack that generates electricity as you hike, in case you can’t be without your porn collection in the great outdoors. Nifty.

Alright, off to the Incline. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is enjoying the fall weather and colors. Not a bad time to be in a state with seasons.


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