TWW Daily Feed for October 2nd

This week I’ve been trying to psyche myself up for the Pikes Peak Marathon in the spring. I realize this is a little early to start thinking about an August race, but the sign up is in March and it fills up so quickly that you have to be committed on the day of registration; there is no “period of contemplation” luxury. Except for now. So I’ve been putting in some runs at 10,000 feet on Barr Trail and chanting to myself “you can do this, you can do this” (to which my body responds with “you are too big, you are too big, feed me!”).  I think I’m going to go for it. I have some training ideas bouncing around in my head which could keep training interesting and fun (I hate training for marathons) while hopefully giving me a good jump for the Northwest marathons next fall. Of course, this is all speculation. I could enter into a Twinkie binging spiral which might blow me up into the 300+ zone. The Feed:

The Boulder Report (from Bicycling Magazine online) takes a look at the ProTour teams for the 2010 cycling season. I love how he describes Alex Vinokurov as the “crazy guy on the bus.” I guess you are “that guy” now Vino. Nice work.

A glimpse of how the power grid will evolve for the advent of electric cars in California; smart meters, higher voltage home plugs and “reinforced” electric distribution. Very cool, but why is the political and economical shitstorm that is California on the forefront of this? C’mon Colorado, Washington, Oregon, every other better run state in the country; get on this!

The Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend, with events in Austin (TX), Washington and California. The Austin City Limits Musical Festival looks like it’s going to be great this year. Damn you crappy economy.

Hippies in kayaks supporting the UN Conference on Climate Change. Just the kind of impotent gestures our environment needs to survive!

A glimpse of Lance Armstrong’s racing schedule for 2010. Sadly, no events involving bikini clad models.

And we’re off to the weekend. Hope everyone is enjoying the early days of fall.


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