TWW Daily Feed for September 30th

I’m trying to motivate again after blasting apart my legs this weekend. Yesterday was a failure on the workout front, with my after work hours turned into a mix of napping and eating. Oh well. Maybe I’ll concentrate on adding some extra layers before ski season arrives. It makes layering easier. The Feed:

Last week I posted some info about Ken Burn’s National Parks documentary. Adventure has a cool post derived from the documentary that highlights some hidden gems in Yosemite and Yellowstone. Just in case you want another reason to hate being at work today.

Speaking of National Parks; an awesome slide show with some truly incredible pictures of our park system. Nice work America.

Bicycling Magazine has a post up with some info about the “enthusiast bikes” that were on display at Interquest (the bike expo in Vegas). They describe “enthusiast bikes” as bikes that aren’t necessarily for racing but still exist in that “awesome bike” zone, without the high price tag.

California and Oregon’s Klamath River is having four of its damns removed by 2020, which will hopefully revive fish populations. This undamning of rivers has been a trend in the Northwest. It will be interesting to see how the resurgent Klamath will affect the various groups in the area. Outside has a good article about the history of the river and the conflicts over it.

The NYT Well blog has a post up about how running a marathon may affect the heart. Some of the research in the area is finding increased levels of troponin, a substance that can indicate cardiac damage, in the blood of runners who had just completed a marathon. Their baseline tests before the run were normal. Kind of scary, but the general consensus is that any damage is short term, and that the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous last day of September! I love you September, but October is good times.


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