TWW Daily Feed for September 29th

I’m finally feeling a bit less like walking death after an intense weekend in Aspen. The Golden Leaf Half Marathon was, for the most part, a lot of fun; minus the falls, the excruciating first mile, and the shredding apart of muscle tissue in attempts to run downhill fast. My training plan and summer in Wisconsin managed to result in exactly (to the minute) the same time I got last year. Cheese curds do not do a runner good. Max and Casey both did extremely well, finishing in the top 30 out of 800 racers. Overall, fun times. And then came our recovery plan, which essentially consisted of a Saturday night bender followed up by a speed hike up Aspen Mountain on Sunday. A summary of our conversation on the hike – Max: “All you guys do is bitch.”, Casey: “This is a bad idea. My hip hurts.” Me: “I’m hungry. Did anyone bring curds?” Thank God for the gondola ride to the bottom. I’ll have the Golden Leaf and Aspen Mountain hike posts up soon. Until then, the Feed:

It’s still a little early in the season, but Mammut has a new avalanche assessment iPhone app that estimates slope angle and contains a compass and altimeter to help determine slide risk. The app also provides avalanche safety bulletins. Cool, but I’m going to stick to my strategy of sending Max down the line first.

Some fun stories from racers witnessing what happens when guys “get chicked” during a race, which happens when a girl passes a guy. I got chicked A LOT this weekend and I kind of liked it. Always nicer to follow behind a gorgeous pair of legs. Hard to construct a good pick up line though; “Hi! You blew past me at mile 3. I was the guy who sounded like an elephant that was drowning. You asked if you should get help. What are you doing tonight?”

Livestrong Day is this October 2nd, and to celebrate and raise awareness for cancer there are various events that you can attend, or you can host your own event (the goal is 1,000 events in communities throughout the world). The Livestrong Blog has a map to find an event near you. For the life of me I can’t find one occurring in a bar.

My legs decided they hated running downhill this weekend (much of the Golden Leaf is downhill), so in celebration of my retarded training plan which involved no downhill running I dug up some articles about the benefit of downhill training. This one talks about how it reduces soreness and this one provides a downhill training plan.

I’ve been seeing a lot of articles about whether Vitamin D benefits athletic performance. Here is a good summary of studies done on the subject that is worth checking out. Good for arguing that you are in need of a tropical beach vacation.

My obsession with the new Where the Wild Things Are movie is almost at its peak. GQ has an interview/profile of the director Spike Jonze. It’s surprisingly funny, especially the stuff he pulls on people who try to interview him. Good stuff.

And because I missed Monday, and it’s getting colder and you may need a little boost to get your ass in exercise mode, I have found you reasons to motivate; one for the ladies, and one for the fellas (both are safe for work if “work” is a somewhat liberal environment).


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