TWW Daily Feed for September 25th: off to the races!

Heading up to Aspen today so I’m in a rush to pack and get some last minute things together. I’m so excited to get into the mountains for the weekend that the usual butterflies of careening through a race course are somewhat subdued. I’m sure they’ll be back in full force by Saturday morning when my legs realize what my brain is trying to get them to do. I’m hoping they don’t bitch out and try and sabotage me. These things are tricky bastards. The Feed:

The Federal Government is suing the North Face. Over North Face’s claim that some of their insoles prevent fungal and bacterial growth. Because in our current state of environmental peril the EPA should definitely focus their time and resources on shoe inserts.

Portland Food and Drink has a new review up of Beaker and Flask, a new bar/restaurant run by one of Portland’s most admired drink chefs. From the sound of it, the food is just as good as the drinks (Beaker and Flask is at 727 SE Washington St. Portland, OR 97214).

LiveStrong has a partnership going with Shutterfly that will allow you to design greeting cards. 10% of the sale price goes to Livestrong. A cool idea and good cause.

The Men’s Journal Guide to the perfect weekend for this weekend, with events in Boulder and the Catalina Islands.

I love Malcom Gladwell, who is a huge sports fan and has applied a lot of his work to athletes. Anyway, the Daily Beast has an awesome article looking at how Gladwell is a statistical outlier when it comes to women; huge dork, weird hair but apparently pulls in some of New York’s most attractive girls. “I’ll give you the tipping point sweetheart.” Ahh, love.

Alright, I’m off to Aspen for the weekend. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some pictures from the race and of Aspen’s fall scenery. Hope everyone has a good weekend. To the races!


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