TWW Daily Feed for September 24th: race week continued

I’m in full taper mode, which for me means shorter runs, more sleep and less alcohol. Hopefully my oversized body won’t explode on Saturday into a mess of aching knees and joints. Most of the Golden Leaf is on pretty narrow singletrack, which gets hairy when 800 runners are trying to blast through the course in the fastest time possible. Nothing creates outright panic in my co-racers better than them looking back and seeing someone who belongs in the Clydesdale division galloping down the trail with minimal control and even less agility. With knees that are numb. The Feed:

An interesting article about how cycling’s ProTour licensing system works and how it came about. Good read if you’re missing the summer spandex parade.

A really interesting article about how Vitamin D may improve athletic performance. Good news for the sun worshiper. Bad news for Edward Cullen.

A rundown of the products that are being demoed at this years Interbike 2009, which is happening this weekend in Vegas. Also happening this weekend in Vegas: middle aged men doing lines of coke off of strippers body’s while extolling the virtues of “the great pool areas” and the quality “guy time” to their home ridden spouses.

Lance Armstrong has a new book out documenting his comeback through photographs. You can find it on Amazon. I’m crossing my fingers that our favorite ski patroller/cyclist/human garbage disposal is in it somewhere.

Newsweek has their 2009 Green Rankings up, which ranks a variety of companies based on their environmental impact, environmental policies and reputations for sustainable business practice and culture. Halliburton is on this list, so I’m not too sure about the reliability of Newsweek’s ranking system, but interesting to peruse.

The documentary filmmaker Ken Burns has a new feature starting this month on PBS called “America’s Best Idea: The National Parks.” Burns uses American History to weave together how the National Parks were established and became part of our culture. The footage is supposed to be amazing, so definitely worth checking out. Not worth checking out: Celebrity Fit Club, starring this guy. The great Jabba the Hut will now listen to your pleas.

Back to the work grind. Thirsty Thursday everybody! Enjoy the day.


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