What the Hell is Max Searching For, Volume 2

Welcome back to another edition of What the Hell is Max Searching For?, where we provide answers to questions and inquiries inputted into our handy “search” box, questions that seem to come from Max’s food and fitness oriented brain. My favorite part of writing this is imagining Max sitting at home and thinking up this stuff. I think you’ll see why…

1. “Does David DeRothschild have a girlfriend?”

Answer: Let’s start with “who is David de Rothschild?” He is a writer, environmentalist, adventure traveler and member of England’s Rothschild banking empire. In 2005 he founded Adventure Ecology, an organization that “harnesses the power of dreams, adventures and stories in order to inspire, educate and engage individuals, communities and industry to become agents of change.” Follow him on Twitter here.

I can’t find anything about whether he has a girlfriend or not. The dude seems to keep his private life pretty private. So Max, you might have an opening there buddy!

2. “What is the difference between a coffee plant and a chocolate plant?”

Answer: Um? One produces coffee beans. The other produces chocolate. Chocolate (and cocoa) comes from cacao seeds that are produced by a cacao plant.

3. “Who is Dhani Jones?”

Answer: Dhani Jones is a linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals and the host of his own show, Dhani Tackles the Globe where he travels to various countries and learns to place their unique sports. Pretty cool job. He is also a bit of a hipster (ie: he rocks the bow tie). And Max, I don’t know if he has a girlfriend, so don’t ask.

4. “Which has more caffeine; coffee or espresso?”

Answer: Check out Max’s Guide to Coffee for that one.

5. “Water dripping from filter.”

Answer: Hmmm. I’m stumped on this one. Not in the for of a question. Next contestant.

Somewhat of a weak showing in the search bar for the last couple of weeks. I suppose that solving the ancient conundrum of whether coffee or espresso makes you poop more has soothed the inquisitive minds. Until the next time, thanks Max! (and friends).


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  1. Max

    How can I win at fantasy football?

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