TWW’s Cool Places: Swirl Wine Emporium

logoThis is the first in our new series which provides short profiles of stores and places in the various cities and towns that we visit that we highly recommend checking out. First on the list of “TWW’s Cool Places” is Swirl Wine Emporium, located in Manitou Springs, CO. Swirl is a wine shop for people who want to know more about wine. The unique open and airy space (it’s a former bank) contains a large selection of bottles from throughout the world, including some excellent Colorado wines. Additionally, the owner and sommelier Sharon Palmer puts together a wine rack of excellent $12 or cheaper bottles. On top of the wine, Swirl offers a number of wine classes and tastings to broaden people’s wine knowledge (their blog is a good way to stay updated). Swirl also stocks a ton of great microbrew bottles and six-packs from throughout the West. The space plays hosts to a lot of local art (all for sale), and is quickly becoming a gathering point for the locals. Put simply, Swirl is one of Manitou’s best places to visit and explore and has become a new anchor point for the town.

Swirl Wine Emporium

Location: 717 Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs, CO

Hours: Monday-Friday 12PM-9PM, Saturday 11AM-9PM, Sunday 12PM-8PM

Contact: (719) 685-2294,



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2 responses to “TWW’s Cool Places: Swirl Wine Emporium

  1. Careen

    I will be in Colorado in July and we will stop by Swirl. This place sounds really nice and I cant wait to see all the wines they have to offer….Do they have a wine bar?

    • jm

      Swirl just got their liquor license approved for their new wine bar. They are hoping for an opening date of June 1st, so it should be up and running when you get to Colorado!

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