TWW Daily Feed for September 23rd: race week cont

In lieu of bitching about the weather, I’ve decided to focus on what I’m going to be eating this weekend in Aspen. There are a couple of restaurants I would like to check out, but mostly I’m excited about whatever Max decides he’s hungry for. Sometimes it means pizza, sometimes it means veal chili, a lot of times it means stir fry and all of the time it means Max eating so much that I get worried about things exploding out of his stomach. The Feed:

Patagonia has a cool feature that tracks the eco-footprint of their clothing items from its production point to its final destination, along with some surprisingly critical analysis. Very cool, very progressive and very Patagonia.

More sleep equals less chance of getting sick. Thanks New York Times for sabotaging my efforts to get the Girl out of bed before 11. Now she has a legitimate excuse for her 12 hours in bed.

I may have posted this somewhere else on TWW, but this is what I’m making to help fuel the race this weekend: Heidi Swanson’s Marathon Cookies. We’ll let you know how they turn out.

A good friend pointed my way to an awesome blog with a brilliant, yet simple, goal: document the People of WalMart.

A lovely picture to get excited for Aspen in the fall.

And even more lovely pictures of Olivia Wilde. I figure her last name is “Wilde”, so sort of related to the site. Don’t judge. It’s been a slow week (SFW).


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