Agia Sophia

gfx_index_logoI’m just going to come out and say it: Agia Sophia is a coffee shop/bookstore that is run by a group of Greek Orthodox priests who sometimes serve as the baristas. It draws a lot of Colorado Spring’s young and hip Christian crowd and is adorned with all manner of Eastern Christian religious icons and books. This is all very strange. What surprises me is how warm and welcoming it is, for everybody, and the quality of the coffee (which is really what’s important).

Nestled in Colorado City’s old city hall, Agia Sophia is a coffee house set up to draw people in and keep them there. Agia’s philosophy of what a coffee house should be; “aromatic dens where people (meet) to discuss business, politics and religion” is adeptly expressed in the warm and intimate layout where aged wooden tables and chairs adorn the first level, while upstairs hosts a number of comfy chairs and couches, along with large meeting rooms that can be reserved. Adding to the ambiance is the soft Greek Orthodox music piped in (a lot of chanting and singing in another language). The light is soft and the whole place has a very quiet, almost library like, feeling.

The coffee at Agia Sophia is what keeps me coming back. The Americano is smooth and rich, but slightly watery. Their strong suite seems to be latte’s which are also very smooth but contain the perfect blend of milk and espresso. I have yet to try the coffee, but I’ve noticed that they serve it in a small serving French Press, which would lead me to believe that it is very good. Agia also serves a lot of tea as well as smoothies and even food. Everything looks well prepared, and people seem to be huge fans of the food.

Agia’s other strong point is its location relative to the various outdoor options in the Springs. Within two miles of its location you have the Garden of the Gods (and the Siamese Twin/Balanced Rock Loop), Red Rocks Canyon, and Cheyenne Canyon. It is directly on our Garden of the Gods/Cheyenne Canyon cycling loop.

It’s understandable that the religious vibe might be a deterrent from checking out this place, but it truly is one of the best and most unique coffee shops I have come across. If you plan on staying, I suggest a pair of earphones and some music; the sound of religious chanting and angsty and hormonal young Christians can start to grate.

Agia Sophia

Location: 2902 West Colorado Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Hours: Mon through Sat 8am to 10pm, Sunday 1pm to 7pm

Contact: (719) 632-3322,

Wi-Fi: free wireless

Menus: Drinks, Food


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