TWW Daily Feed for September 22: Race Week continued

Colorado managed to hand me a nice little “F you pal” in the form of a couple of inches of snow in the mountains. I’m not ready for snow yet. Snow means cold mornings, dark afternoons and less girls in small running shorts. For this weekend’s half-marathon, snow would mean a muddy course, ice and a general lack of desire to pound out 13+ miles as fast as possible. And less girls in small running shorts. Get with it Colorado! The Feed:

In honor of the half marathon this weekend, a gear review of fanny packs and other exercise related baggage that can be carted along on the run. And you thought your dad’s fannie-pack was dorky.

Here is a good article about tapering and what you should do regarding training and nutrition during the tapering period. I haven’t seen anything in it about Twinkies, but I’m going to go ahead and throw them and doughnuts into the taper diet.

Nat Geo has an article up about how drinking certain types of tea (and having a ton of sex) increases longevity and overall health. HAVING A TON OF SEX INCREASES HEALTH (there you go guys).

A new breakfast cart in Portland; The Big Egg. Breakfast at a cart is a good way to get rid of the person you brought home last night. Internal monologue of your houseguest: “Wait, he’s bringing me to breakfast at a food cart?! I don’t even merit a sit down meal? I don’t just get wasted and go home with any guy from the bar! Screw him. Dick. I’m better than this. Where is my underwear? Breakfast at a CART? I am so pissed. Never again!” Internal monologue of you: “Yeeessss, this cart is awesome.”

And don’t worry kids, the weather in Aspen for this weekend’s race is supposed to be sunny.

Alright, back to the working world. You know why Tuesday’s are awesome? Me neither, but when I find out I’ll let you know.


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