TWW Daily Feed for September 21st: Race Week

I hope everyone’s weekend was glorious. I managed to get in some Incline action and some Garden of the Gods sorties in preparation for this weekend. Aspen’s Golden Leaf Half Marathon is this Saturday which has me all in a tizzy. Not only is the race awesome, just being in Aspen is an adventure in itself. Who are we going to see? Lance? Kate Moss? Kate Hudson? The guy Kate Hudson is sleeping with? The anticipation is building. The Feed:

I’m planning on making Heidi Swanson’s Marathon Cookies for this weekend’s race. Hedi and I are fighting right now. Apparently she thinks “must not come within 1 mile of petitioner” really means 1 mile. Women!

Chart Porn has an interesting interactive guide to which companies donate to which political parties. You can sort by industry, size of contribution and so on. Definitely worth checking out.

An older post that I missed from Velo News about the possibility of this year’s Tour de France winner Alberto Contador joining Boulder’s Garmin-Chipotle team.

There is a little policy debate brewing about whether to tax sugary drinks to pay for health care and obesity prevention. Let’s tax crappy decision making paradigms instead.

Here is a cutesy little article about how working out with friends makes us happier, because it makes us work harder, resulting in the production of higher levels of endorphins. Endorhpins = happy. I don’t know about other people, but when I work out with my group of friends it turns into a game of “who can we get to crack first” which results in much frustration and moments of outright anger, followed by Craig accusing all of us of sandbagging. I am not happy!!

Alejandro Valverde just won the Spanish Vuelta. Congrats! In other news, apparently Jessica Simpson was not the reason that Tony Romo forgot he was a professional football player and managed to only score me 9 points as my fantasy quarterback, helping to tank my team for the week and leading to serious doubts about my starting QB for next week. So. Much. Anger.

Burgerville is Portland and the Northwest’s version of In-in-Out, with a strong focus on local food (think Tillamook Cheddar and Oregon Blackberry shakes). They now have a roving cart that moves throughout Portland. The Burgerville Nomad can be followed (and located) by checking the Burgerville website or following them on Twitter. (Thanks to Food Carts Portland for this one).

Portland Food and Drink has a new restaurant review up, with a twist. It’s a wine country restaurant, so technically outside the whole Portland theme of the site. The Bistro Maision review is here. You have to love a place in which the owners’ dog is part of the ambiance. I’ve yet to explore Oregon’s wine country, but I only hear good things.

Well that was a very food centric Feed. Fat kid must be hungry. I’m off for some breakfast. Happy Monday!


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