TWW Daily Feed for September 18

I was slinging drinks last night at the local bar last night and made the following observations: 1) Thursday is the new Friday night. When I was in college I thought it was crazy that the biggest night at the bars was Thursday. Apparently this trend extends well beyond college campuses. 2) Hot moms generally remain hot moms, which makes sense because they must have worked out a lot to recover from the birthing process, so it makes sense they continue to work out. Good job hot moms. 3) Cutting people off is my favorite thing to do when bartending. Perhaps its because I want make sure they get home safe, or more likely because they’re annoying me and I want to be an asshole, it really makes my night. 4) 40 year old men or women who are single, may have been nominally attractive 10 years ago and drink alone at the bar are good reasons to stay sober and keep your head on straight. Welcome to the weekend! The Feed:

Outside’s Adventure Adviser has a good little article about the best volcanoes to hike in the United States. To me, hiking a volcano is like dating a really hot girl who might be crazy; for most of the time the hot factor wins you over but when the crazy kicks in, the last thing I want to do is be in a position in which body parts are in peril.

Men’s Journal has a synopsis of music festivals going on this weekend, one of which is Telluride’s Blues and Brews festival. Telluride calls to me. I need a job, a pass, a dog and a place to live there. Who’s selling?

Velo News has a sneak peak of Pearl Izumi’s 2010 shoe line.

Here is an older Slate article about how athletes are getting around PED regulations by claiming they have attention deficit disorder and other ailments that require “therapeutic use exceptions.” That is American ingenuity people.

And for those hitting the bars this weekend, check out to peruse some new cocktails to try out.

And we’re on to the weekend!


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