TWW Daily Feed for September 17th

In an effort to tone down my caffeine intake a bit I’ve taken to only having two cups of coffee all day, both in the morning. Yesterday, with Portland-esque weather temporarily destroying my running plans, I brewed up some of the bean to power through the gray skies and afternoon lethargy. After downing another two cups I headed out to Red Rocks Canyon to get some trail running in. Lo and behold, afternoon coffee turned out to be a horrible idea. You know your gas is bad when you look behind you to make sure that no one is close to your cloud of doom. Coffee: keeping colons clean since 1400. The Feed:

Speaking of clearing out colons, Next Generation Food has a handy chart up that provides caloric information for some of the nation’s top fast food joints, in case you had no idea that wolfing down four pieces of Pizza Hut could be so bad for you.

The NYT Well blog has an incredibly interesting article up that discusses the link between exercise and increased cognitive ability. It appears from the studies that aerobic activity may be the best type of exercise for increasing brain power. Which begs the inevitable question: how many miles must this woman run before something starts clicking in there?

Check out this much more detailed running calculator. Select a distance and input a time and the calculator not only details your projected splits and projected time for other running events it also creates a quick training plan for you. Great tool for training.

A short interview with the Cinncinati Bengal’s Dhani Jones (of Dhani Tackles the Globe fame) who seems to have pretty good taste. Except in his employer. And I’m pretty sure that unless you are a huge black dude or an old college professor, bow ties just don’t work.

Coolest commute ever:

Happy Thursday! One more day until the weekend. Until then, stay strong people. Stay strong.


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