TWW Daily Feed for September 16th

Running late again as I was again tempted by the afternoon nap and succumbed to its siren call. Alas, today will involve some sort of workout in lieu of sleeping. We have a couple of reviews hopefully going up this week, so make sure to check them out. Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday. Almost on the down slope towards the weekend. The Feed:

Serena Williams is catching a ton of flak for screaming at the line judge (video) during the US Open. I think its great. Why do we want or expect top level athletes to be so well behaved? These people grind out incredibly long hours conditioning and practicing. To be derailed because some Gollum-esque line judge things you stepped on the serve line would be more than frustrating. The chick is wearing glasses! I say good job Serena. And I love you.

Governor Terminator has issued an order that 33% of California’s energy come from renewable sources by 2020. A great goal, hopefully not bogged down in the shitstorm that is a legislative body.

Here is an older article about Canadian rider Svein Tuft, who came to cycling through his wanderlust rather than his interest in decking himself out in spandex. I just love the spandex.

Short but sweet today. Happy Hump Day!


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