TWW Daily Feed for September 14th

Today is our good friend Casey’s birthday, and because Monday is a work day we decided to throw a weekend long celebration involving running, hiking, beer, wine, food, more running and lots of football. The highlight for me was our speed hike up Pikes Peak. Our 5:30am start began at the bottom of the Incline, letting us avoid the more common Barr Trail route for its bottom 3 miles. When we eventually cut into the trail we immediately ran into groups of hikers participating in the Pikes Peak Challenge, a hike that raises money for brain injury research and treatment, which resulted in Casey making the following jokes: 1) “Dude, we should tie a rope around you and tell people not to get too close.” and 2) “These brain injury people are doing this hike really slowly. What’s wrong with them?” That’s our Casey. Happy Birthday buddy! The Feed:

My friend Jonathan sent along this clip of a rap/diatribe/self mocking video that manages to tear apart both the spandex cycling set and the hipsters with their retarded “fixies.” It’s all about performance baby.

Portland based Stumptown Coffee has a new cafe in the NYC. The NYT’s first impression makes a point of letting us know that the Manhattan Stumptown “is more polished” than any other coffee shop on the West Coast. What does that even mean? Are the fixtures buffed to a brighter hue? Do the baristas have nicer hair cuts? Are the shelves organized better? Thanks for the unsupported blanket statement pal. Punch yourself in the face.

National Geo Adventure has the Radiohead video up for “House of Cards” which utilizes a new 3D mapping software called LIDAR that uses lasers to create very precise maps. Very cool stuff.

Portland Food and Drink has a little roundup of some of Portland’s best coffee shops that it deems worth checking out. My new top of the list to try: Caffee Spella, which is located in the heart of downtown in a cart. Yes, a cart. And it’s only open during the convenient, non-work rush, hours of 9am to 4pm.  A very Portland approach to a coffee joint.

I found an older article on The Adventure Life site that lists some of the best iPhone outdoor oriented apps. When is Apple is going to start allowing porn oriented apps on to the App store?

And the week begins…


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