TWW Daily Feed for September 10

My first run in Colorado in over three months went surprisingly well, with much less gasping for air than I anticipated. I ran through my little hometown which has been undergoing major renovations, resulting in a more accessible downtown and a lot of great new stores, restaurants and bars moving in. Good to see, especially for a place that used to be known as Colorado’s witch and satanic worship center. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but in high school it was hard to get a date when they feared being the guest star at a virgin sacrifice.

For those of you with an iPhone, the NYT has a good article about iPhone apps that provide customizable training programs and keep track of your workouts. I’m still waiting for the “That person has the following STD(s)” app.

Ecotality, a Scottsdale, Arizona firm that develops electric car charging networks, has received a ton of money from Federal and State governments to develop their networks, starting in British Columbia. Good news for the electric car movement, bad news for Mr. Flinstone.

The Outside Blog has an article up about the California Surf Project: a photography/travel journal with some amazing pictures of surfers and their natural habitat. I don’t know why I keep posting stuff about surfing. Perhaps to make myself envious.

I found a new blog that covers the Northwest food scene, mostly focusing on Seattle. Check out Eat All About It (I know, corny name, but good articles).

Livestrong has their policy statement on health care reform up. Nothing too earth shattering, it leans more towards the Democratic view of health care, which is fine by me. Republicans can be such bags of douche.

Back to some research for a new article I am trying to get up this week. I’m trying to finish up before I have to round up some chickens for the Pentagram festival going on tonight at Bob’s house.


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