TWW Daily Feed for September 9

Finally back in Colorado after a long travel week. My current view: mountains and blue sky. Our flight back from Portland to Denver was fairly easy, sans the awful turbulence which shook us around as we came into Denver. Turbulence freaks me out and makes me sweat. My tendency to shed large amounts of water via armpit was exacerbated by the very large man  sitting right next to me, which made me wonder this: I keep reading that airlines are going to make very large people buy two seats. How are they going to determine “very large”? I imagine someone at the ticket counter with a tape measure; “Excuse ma’am, could you please step out of line. I have to measure you to see if you are going to spread your large body into the seats around you.” That would be awful. The Feed:

David Byrne, the former head of the Talking Heads, has a little post up on National Geo Adventure about what he considers some of the world’s best, and worst, biking cities. Surprising pick: Pittsburgh. Surprisingly absent: Kabul.

A bit of a pretentiously narrated video of surfers in the Arctic is worth checking out for the cool scenery and cinematography. With statement’s like “we did it because no one else has done it”, the narration could you some work. No kidding no one has done it pal, it’s freakin’ cold up there and California is way closer.

An interesting article in the NYT Green Inc. blog about how the embassy in Geneva has tricked out its building with solar panels in an effort at “Green Diplomacy.” Way better than the “do what we say or we’ll bomb the shit out of you” style of diplomacy from the prior administration.

And finally, here is the website I’ve been obsessed with for the last week and a half. It’s literally all charts and graphs. Want to know the US Hurricane Historical Storm Paths? Or the working time needed in order to purchase one Big Mac? They have it. Don’t let the url scare you off, everything is safe for work AND children.

Wednesday equals hump day, and Thursday equals first night of drinking for the weekend. You’re almost there! Hope everyone is enjoying the last weeks of summer. Toodles!


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