TWW Daily Feed for September 4th: Day 4 of Travel Week

I’ve been in Portland less than 24 hours and I’m already planning my next trip back. Could this be the perfect city? Great food, incredible access to the outdoors, environmentally conscious, excellent cycling; I’m in love and my body is dancing with glee now that I’m somewhere where fried foods are no longer considered the delicacy of choice. I’m hoping to hit Eagle Creek at some point today, my favorite trail run of all time. Ahhh Portland, how I missed you. The Feed:

A good NYT article here that talks about how the LEED Building Certification program has some big shortfalls, one of them being that the buildings they certify don’t turn out to be energy efficient. Nice. A good example of some of the problems with the movement towards “green” building; its easy to slap a label on something declaring it environmentally friendly while the reality is far from it.

The Food Dude from Portland Food and Drink points the way to a new iPhone app that tells you which produce items have the most pesticide residue. I want the app that tells you which person has an STD. So much more practical.

National Geo Adventure has an article up from Laurence Gonzales about how most airplane accidents are survivable. Kind of an interesting read if only for the advice on how to avoid getting synthetic fabric melted on to your skin. He has an interesting book, Deep Survival, that focuses on why some people survive while others don’t.  What he really needs is an analysis of how to avoid Medical Helicopter Crashes. Those guys have the second most dangerous job in America, get on it Gonzales!

Runner’s Wold has a quick little guide to improving running power and speed with some tweaks to your running routine. I worry that taking larger strides is going to push the seams of my running shorts past their load bearing capacity. “Why is that guy taking huge strides with his testicles hanging out?”

The NYTs Well Blog has some tips for staying hydrated during long runs, which is mostly an article about how to hide water and sport drinks bottles along a running route. Make sure not to hide a yellow colored drink near the homeless dude.

And although TWW doesn’t really focus on football, this article and video discussing the Oregon v. Boise State game last night is a gem. Stay classy Oregon.

Happy Friday everyone! We are taking Labor Day off so catch us on Tuesday as we hit the road again to head back to Colorado.


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