TWW Daily Feed for September 2 (Day 2 of Travel Week)

Good morning! I’m writing this between Wisconsin and Colorado, in the lovely burg of Des Moines, Iowa. I just have to say that I love road trips. Maybe it’s a remnant from my childhood family trips, my addiction to McDonald’s breakfast or just the chance to check out new places and new towns; I enjoy all of it. Road trips are cathartic events that I treasure and look forward to. Unfortunately, I’m traveling with the Girl, who is my road tripping nemesis. She would rather fly everywhere and rolls her eyes at my love of all things road oriented. My strategy this trip is to hook up the laptop so she can watch DVDs. Failing that, I’ve crushed Ambien into powder form that I will slip into her water. Viva la road! The Feed:

I get really conscious of my alcohol consumption when I’m training for something, but apparently I’m not the norm. This article talks about a recent study that found that people who drink more tend to work out more than light drinkers. Scientists speculate they do so to work off extra calories. My theory? They were wasted when the surveyors called their house and decided to screw with them.

Continuing the health theme, check out this article about New York City’s new campaign against sugary drinks. Because in case you were not aware, those neon green sports drinks that makes your pee glow in the dark are NOT good for you! Crazy.

Hope everyone involved in yesterday’s Vuelta crash is okay. Things like that are why huge races freak me out. The spandex barely holds my oversized ass in as it is. Any breach is potential for a huge disaster and children crying.

I’m posting this article from National Geo Adventure because it’s the dumbest thing I’ve read all day. They found the Twitter names of their favorite “adventurers”, athletes, writers, etc and wrote a post about it. Only problem? Total Ed Viesturs tweets: 1, total Laird tweets: 1, total Kelly Slater tweets: 25. Shaun White is sporadic, but the dude is busier than Jude Law’s penis so that’s understandable. It’s like one of their staffers just looked to see if these people had an account on Twitter and stopped there, making this thing almost worthless. Not worthless: David de Rothschild. Tweeting while on acid. Awesome.*

This awesome graph comes from a new blog I just found and have been exploring. I’ll post more about it later but this one caught my eye, and goes with my general theme of “coffee is a miracle drink.”

Speaking of coffee, I need more. Hope you enjoyed the feed. Anyone have a list of who their top Twitter athlete/adventurers are? One caveat: they have to Tweet fairly regularly. I’m not talking Lance Armstrong amounts because I think that dude might be addicted to it (get help man!). Let us know, and check us out on Twitter: Thiswaywest.

*I’m sure he’s not really on acid, but christ, the dude is all over the place.


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